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Campus 5, Uttara Sector 7: HSC Admission open for 2019

Admission is now open for our college section, Science and Business Studies.

In January 2019 AFSC added a fifth campus in Sector 7, Uttara. The new campus accommodates students in Playgroup and Nursery and it is the home of AFSC’s college section.

Our college section study the Bengali Version National Curriculum, Science and Business Studies. Click here for more information.

Outstanding Academic Achievement in JSC and PECE Examinations

In 2016’s JSC exams our class VIII students achieved a 100% pass rate (GPA 4.5 to GPA 5). 55% of the students achieved GPA 5. Similarly, 47% of class V students obtained a GPA 5. 100% of the students achieved GPA 4.5 to GPA 5 in 2016’s PECE exams.

Akij Foundation School and College’s campus in Mohammadpur

In January 2017 we extended our educational coverage in Dhaka by opening a campus in the Mohammadpur area. This branch of AFSC provides an English Version (National Curriculum) education from playgroup to class 5.

The Mohammadpur campus is open from 8 am to 8 pm and admission is open.

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Uttara Mohammadpur Manikganj

Curriculum offered and timing

We provide education for both S.S.C (National Curriculum; English version) and H.S.C level (National Curriculum; Bengali and English version). AFSC is open six days a week; five of the days are used for academic classes whilst Saturday is used for Extra Curricular Activities.

Playgroup to Class I timing: 8.00 am to 1.00 pm.

Class II to Class XII timing: 8.00 am to 2.30 pm.

Optional After School Programme (ASP) timing: 2:30 pm to 7.00 pm.

Funding and management

AFSC is funded and being run by The Akij Foundation (Reg No. S 11396/2012). The Foundation works to fulfill the Community Service Responsibilities (CSR) goals of Akij Group of Industries.

All of the money that AFSC earns is exclusively utilized for the development of the school and college.

Social Responsibility

Over 200 students from low income backgrounds are currently receiving scholarships from The Akij Foundation that covers their English Version educational expenses at AFSC. Moreover, hundreds of unprivileged children are being taught free of cost through our Bonoful Programme at AFSC’s campus and via a mobile school that visits several slums in Dhaka city.

Student Numbers

Type Category Number of students
School Playgroup – Class X
(English Version)
Nursery – Class VI Bonoful Mobile Bus and AFSC campuses (Bengali Version) 576
College Class XI-XII (Bengali and English Version) 97
Grand Total 2,014

Academic and General Staff

Teachers 169
Admin Staff 25
Sisters 81
Security, Drivers and Brothers 48

Contact Us

Campus Number Area Address
(Main Campus)
Uttara Akij Foundation School and College,
Road 2 Block B,
Uttara, Sector 10,
Dhaka, 1230
5 Uttara Akij Foundation School and College,
House 15, Road 31,
Sector 7, Uttara,
Dhaka, 1230
2 Manikganj Akij Foundation School,
Akij Textiles Mills LTD Compound,
Manikganj Sadar
3 Mohammadpur Akij Foundation School,
8/13 Sir Sayed Road
Mohammadpur, Dhaka, 1207
4 Mirpur Akij Foundation School,
Diabari (Notun Rasta), Darus Salam Thana Road
Mirpur, Dhaka, 1216

If you need more contact details (telephone numbers, addresses of all campuses, and email addresses) click here. To send us a message, click here for an online form.